WELCOME to the camera club - a one-stop shop for the weekly round-up of the best pictures by our visual story tellers.

The group is one led by volunteers from all backgrounds of life and often dotted across the area.

However they have two things in common.

A love of their area and photographic skills.

Put these two attributes together and you have a formidable champion of their respective area and ones with their fingers on the pulse for the natural world.

Certainly this form of civic pride is different to that which people standing for public office speak of upon their election.

This pride comes from a different place.

What is so wonderful about this pride is that anyone can feel it and express it.

Whether you are born in the area, a relative newcomer or perhaps someone visiting on holiday.

All of us capture moments that grab us, that move us or perhaps for some reason we know we want to to remember.

It can be the simplest of moments of two dogs frolicking in long grass to a picture you have taken months of planning to capture.

After all, who can put a price on a good memory made or time well spent.

If you return home with a smile on your face then all the labours of the day have been worth it.