A launch event was held to celebrate the release of a new book by a Malpas author.

Sheila Powell, also known as Sheila Tyrer Hughes, launched her third novel at an event held at the Tushingham home of international award-winning scriptwriter, John Oaken, shortly before Christmas.

Her friends and members of the Malpas Writers Group were in attendance.

The book has been a success with good reviews and huge demand in both bookshops and online sales. Publisher, Austin Macauley described the book as being “original and incisive."

It added: “The book will make a fantastic addition to our list of children’s fiction.”

Whitchurch Herald: Sheila Powell

Historian and author, David Haynes, wrote to Sheila and said: “I just felt that I had to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading The Mouse in the Teapot.

"Once I had started reading it I couldn’t put it down and read it from cover to cover, non-stop. It is beautifully written and illustrated.”

Mr Oakden, who made his name writing for long-running series including Emmerdale and Brookside, added: “The writing is stunning and the illustrations compliment it perfectly.

"I am sure this book will feature in children’s literature for many years.”