James Bond is back!

Saving not only the world but the UK cinema sector in No Time To Die, screening from now until Thursday, December 30 at Kinokulture Cinema.

As I write all showings are sold out, keep checking the website at www.kinokulture.org.uk for last minute availability.

It’s a very different kind of Bond film with an emotional gravitas usually lacking, add one of the best opening sequences ever and it’s a film best enjoyed on the big screen.

Christmas is a time of surprises, such as Oswestry Film Society’s annual surprise Christmas film, screening on Tuesday, December 21 with tickets from www.oswestryfilmsociety.com

The film, a 15 certificate, is only announced immediately prior to screening, and all tickets included complimentary mulled wine and nibbles. It will feature a Christmas theme or link of some kind, and it won’t be either Die Hard or Love, Actually, that’s a promise!

New options can be found at NOW, formerly known as NOWTV, with US family film 8 Bit Christmas looking well worth a watch. With a dash of Home Alone and elements of Jingle All the Way it can’t go wrong.

Looks like the kind of film to entertain anyone who remembers Atari and Nintendo the first time round. A young boy wants nothing more than the latest video game console for Xmas and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to get it. With a cast of familiar looking US comic actors it all looks great, if enjoyably predictable, fun.

Also on NOW is the original Xmas offering, A Boy Called Christmas, based on bestselling author Matt Haig’s novel.

This one is full of the kind of actors you want in a British Xmas film, Jim Broadbent, Maggie Smith and Sally Hawkins are all in there somewhere.

Sit back and enjoy.