AN ANIMAL lover from Whitchurch has urged people to join a charity which seeks to advance medical science for both humans and animals.

Humanimal Trust, a charity founded by orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick – otherwise known as The Supervet – is calling on people across Shropshire to join its mission to close the divide between human and animal medicine.

Nurse Karen Tommy, 44, has been a Humanimal Trust volunteer since 2018 and she is backing the Trust's campaign to ask people from Shropshire to sign up.

She said: "I feel passionately that animals and humans should have the same opportunity to receive the very best care and treatment, but an animal should not have to sacrifice its life to allow human medicine to progress.

"This is why one medicine is so important and why I chose to volunteer for Humanimal Trust.

"There are lots of opportunities to get involved.

"I have represented the charity at a number of big events such as DogFest and the National Pet Show, as well as smaller community gatherings.

"By volunteering, I get to meet so many different people and help to share information about the vital work of the Trust.

"I also really enjoy being part of the Humanimal 'family'.

"Even though we are all across the UK, there is a real sense of teamwork and inclusion."

Jo Blake, development manager at Humanimal Trust, added: "Since the Trust was set up, we have successfully established a much-needed online forum that allows human and animal health professionals to meet, collaborate, share knowledge and initiate research for the benefit of all humans and animals.

"We have also funded One Medicine research in areas such as infection control and antibiotic resistance, cancer, bone and joint disease to help find new treatments.

"But there is so much more to be done to help future generations of humans and animals, which is why we need the public's help."

The charity is seeking to recruit volunteers across Shropshire to help in lots of different ways, from supporting at events and giving talks in the community to organising local fundraisers and sharing their expertise.