Well, that was a bit of a windy weekend, wasn’t it?

Storm Arwem came bounding in on Friday and some of our Camera Club members were able to capture it and the devastation it left afterwards, like Teresa Bandey’s eerie image of storm clouds over Tarporley Road, and Jan Rescorla’s picture of a tree which came down at Ash Church.

But after a storm there’s always some calm.

Gary de Saram captured this beautifully with the sunrise over Whixall Moss Junction – just look how still those waters are.

Meanwhile, Marina Shah sent in some lovely photographs taken during a walk, including this one of the sun beams passing through the trees, while Brian Roberts reminded us autumn is still here – if only just – with a very colourful shot of some ferns.

And Mike Clarke, also took photographs of the sun breaking through the clouds over Darliston at the tail end of the weekend.

Finally, we come to Steve Beech’s great photograph of a woodpecker who was braving the cold earlier this week – because let’s face it, winter most certainly arrived over the last day or so.

And with that, we hand it back over to our Camera Club members to see what you can photograph over the next week or so.