MUSICIANS at Ellesmere College have settled into their new school after their successful applications for scholarships.

Lewis Reardon and Molly Fly started in the sixth form this term, which offers specialist music training and opportunities under its curriculum.

Tony Coupe, director of Music at Ellesmere College said: “We are delighted that Lewis and Molly have been able to join our school, the music department and our community here at Ellesmere College.

“Both are incredibly talented and have already started to perform at events and work with our younger musicians. They have settled in well and are both thriving in both their studies and their music.”

Lewis Rardon, who in in Year 12 and from Shrewsbury, was awarded the Mullock Scholarship after taking a singing exam at Ellesmere College and a subsequent audition. He was offered a place within days of the exam.

Molly Fry, who is also in Year 12 and from Whitchurch, was awarded the Walker Scholarship to complete her studies at Ellesmere after impressing with her singing.

Tony Coupe added: “We encourage students to have a can-do attitude when it comes to new challenges and while Lewis’ scholarship was a whirlwind, we are thrilled that he has adjusted so well and is making the most of the opportunities available.

“Molly is currently preparing to audition for a regional piano concerto competition and will be taking part in masterclass with professional musicians later this year.

“Molly and Lewis will be officially welcomed to the school with a dinner, bringing their families together with the Mullock’s and Walker’s who generously provide these scholarships for sixth form students.

“We are excited to see what they will both achieve and are delighted to be able to continue these life changing scholarships for for pupils to come to this college.”

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Lewis Reardon, Molly Fry and director of music Tony Coupe

Lewis Reardon, Molly Fry and director of music Tony Coupe