A GROUP of Whitchurch businesses have teamed up to raise funds for a good cause with a raffle competition.

Homefolk, Moo and Boom and Refill Your Boots have joined forces to support the Whitchurch Foodbank, by putting together a hamper, which will be raffled off on November 27 during the Christmas lights display.

Lucy Young, from Homefolk, said the fundraiser was launched to support families around Whitchurch.

She said: "With the pandemic many charities have struggled, and foodbanks in particular have seen a demand for their services soar as people have seen drops or loss in their regular incomes and donations have decreased as people have been asked to stay home.

"Collectively, Moo and Boom, Refill Your Boots and Homefolk wanted to help our community where it needs it most and where our support can make a real and immediate difference.

"Whitchurch Foodbank was founded by churches and community groups, and we know they work tirelessly to help stop hunger in our local area.

"But more often than not, the support for those in crisis goes well beyond emergency food aid.

"Whitchurch has an initiative in place known as More Than Food that helps people with practical skills like budgeting and cookery courses, money management and tools for tackling debt and holiday meals project to help families during school holidays who are struggling to feed their children."

Lucy added: "More than 90 per cent of food distributed by food banks in The Trussell Trust network is donated by the public, so it's vital that our community – where possible – support and help the cause.

"Whitchurch Foodbank relies heavily on the goodwill and support of our community to be able to supply a balanced and nutritious meal to families in need.

"Getting the help they need has never been more important.

"By raising the funds directly, Whitchurch Foodbank can use the money themselves to buy the essentials they need or are otherwise lacking from donations.

"It helps to fill the shortfall needed to continue to supply and support our local community with the three days nutritionally balanced emergency food aid packages."

Lucy also says Whitchurch's strong community spirit has allowed her business and others to support one another.

She added: "We have a mutual appreciation and respect for each other as female business owners and doing the hard job of opening up retail spaces on the high street during a pandemic.

"All three of our businesses are relatively young, being set-up during the pandemic, and it's important that we support and build each other up by sharing ideas and knowledge, celebrating each other's successes and giving back to the community that supports our businesses.

"Whitchurch has a strong community spirit and working together in business and life is vital to health of our town and townsfolk."