WHITCHURCH Young Farmers recently enjoyed their annual fireworks and bonfire evening, with more than £3,000 raised to support the club.

More than 450 people attended the event, held on Friday, November 12 at Withymoor Farm, with several local businesses also supporting the display.

Jack Benbow, chairman of Whitchurch YFC, said he was delighted with how the event went.

He said: "I am absolutely over the moon at the support our club has been given by so many people involved around our recent bonfire and fireworks event.

"I'm so pleased with the awesome team Lucy Maginess, Jo Forrester and I have at hand to pull out all the stops to help this event happen – from the first twig hitting the ground, to the last plastic cup being picked up two days later.

"A lot of credit is due to my secretary Lucy who played a big part in organising the event and took on the task of making sure I was also organised and on track.

"I'm so pleased to have support off some amazing local businesses and definitely a big thank you to Bangers and Flash who performed a firework display not even we were expecting, making full use of the site we provided to boost the display.

"And of course as a team, we're still amazed knowing how many of the community and many fellow young farmers from clubs over the county and neighbouring county, Cheshire, came to support and made our event an overwhelming success."

Jo added: "It was wonderful to see the community continue to support Whitchurch Young Farmers especially after the challenging year we have all had.

"We are pleased to say we had a record turn out of more than 450 people and made more than £3,000 which will be used to support the club for the coming year."

Meanwhile Lucy added: "We were very well supported by the community with just over 450 people through the gate, which was astonishing.

"Our fireworks display was conducted by the incredible Bangers and Flash who are always very supportive of our young farmers club and never fail to amaze us with their displays year on year.

"We are very grateful to have them! We also want to thank all of our sponsors; A R Richards, DR Swain & Son Land Drainage & Plant Hire and Wilde's Plant Hire just to mention a few."