A MENTAL health project in Wem may soon be based at the town's secondary school if plans are approved by councillors.

The 'Heads Up Project' is an early intervention project, designed by Shropshire Youth Association's Shropshire Young Health champions project, with the aim of helping young people understand different aspects of emotional health and wellbeing.

The provision aims to create a safe space drop-in service for young people aged 10 to 18, and develop workshops exploring specific issues related to emotional health and wellbeing.

At the start of 2021, Wem Town Council approved a grant application of £5,000 to the Connexus Community fund and agreed to commit up to £6,000 to youth projects as match-funding.

The project has been run from Wem Youth Club on a Monday evening, but publicity for the service has been low, and it has not been utilised.

Because of this, plans have been put in place to move the project from the youth club to Thomas Adams.

In a published report, a spokesman for the town explained the reasoning behind the potential move.

"Discussions have been held with the pastoral team at Thomas Adams and the Head of St Peters over the need for the service and they have both stated that there is very much a need for this type of service as they have a significant number of students who require support for their mental health.

"They considered several factors could be contributing to the poor take up of the service.

"Parents of primary school age children do not consider the youth club to be for primary age students and as so many students at Thomas Adams live outside the town it is difficult for them to access the drop in sessions after school as they are reliant on parents having to bring them back into town to attend the sessions.

"There is still a stigma by young people around accessing mental health services out of the school environment, and publicity of the project is confusing and young people may be put off by the name of the project."

The report added: "Both schools stated that they were very keen to progress this option as they felt it would enable them to refer the students most in need of the support to the service, something they may not access out of the school environment.

"It was agreed that from November 2021, Heads Up sessions would move to Thomas Adams School and be held at the school on a Monday over break and lunchtime until May half-term 2022.

"For the last half-term of the academic year session (June – July 2022) sessions would transfer to St Peter’s School focusing on Year 6 pupils to provide support to students during the period of transition from primary to secondary school.

"As the project would be moving from a weekly project to a termly the financing of the project may be slightly different but it would not require any additional funds."

Councillors will discuss the proposal at Thursday's full council meeting, with the recommendation that the change of location is approved.