WELCOME to the latest edition of the camera club - your one stop shop for all the pictures of our beloved part of the world from the past week.

Often enough finding inspiration for a picture can be difficult.

Hours, days and weeks can be spent in anticipation - certainly when it comes to snapping pictures of certain types of wildlife.

Other times the source of your inspiration can be staring back at you having stood there unnoticed for centuries - like our wonderful churches and architecture dotted around the countryside.

Who is to say what makes the perfect picture and, just as importantly, who can gauge the merits of any endeavour.

To those who would question the worthiness of chronicling our native wildlife and architecture I would counter that such hobbies serve all well.

For the photographer is exercising his or her right to creativity and exploration of their local area while at the same time serving future generations well by providing a snapshot of life in this area from 2021.

Certainly it goes without saying that future historians will look back at this tumultuous period of British life and how we coped with the pandemic and the impact of Brexit.

Of course even now we are dealing with reports of fuel shortages and feared panic buying across the country.

Britain in 2021 will be taught in history books for years to come.