A MALPAS resident has raised concerns over flooding near his house, which he says turns into a river during heavy rain.

Jolyon Walker, who lives in Lynchet Road, says when it rains, any surface water from Chester Road is directed past his house into a field behind.

The issue was not noticed at first, when Jolyon bought his home in 2017, until a heavy rain shower meant the water began to collect in his back garden.

"In October 2017 I purchased a home from Bovis looking to move into the lovely Malpas – high quality schools for the kids and plenty to do in the town," he said.

"I noted on our 'snagging' list that there was some water damage to the back of the property, silt on pathways and boggy grassed area to the back of the house.

"After several months, no real progress was made until heavy rain, now normal, revealed the issue, a pipe from Chester Road, alongside/through an older homes land and out onto an easement area to the side of our home.

"The pipe runs from a gulley in a dip on Chester Road.

"During heavy rain considerable amounts of surface water runs from Chester Road, into the gully and down a pipe to an easement area next to my house.

"From there the water forms a stream and enters our back garden, garage and very nearly, our home."

Jolyon says he is unsure of who is responsible for remedying the issue.

"After liaising with Bovis, neighbours, our ward councillor, highways, the local council, Lead Local Flood Authorities and planning, I'm still no further forward in determining who is responsible for either neglect in seeing this pipe as no flood risk, or an oversight in planning missing it entirely," he added.

"Either way, someone must be responsible.

"The only way to prevent flooding is to remove a manhole cover to allow the water to run into.

"My concern is that the quantity of water running into the drain would prevent even a grown person getting out, let alone and child or family pet.

"Bovis decided to put a temporary barrier around as their way of sorting the issue."

Jolyon is also now concerned that a new housing development will exacerbate the issue.

He added: "Now Duchy Homes are building on the other side of Chester Road, 'upstream' from the dip in Chester Road and this will make matters worse without a permanent resolution to the water going into the gulley on Chester Road.

"Much of the Bovis development is suffering during heavy rain, once deemed to be rare but now a common occurrence.

"Homes built before the Bovis development are also being affected.

"There is a very simple fix to the issue which makes the whole thing even more frustrating."

Bovis Homes meanwhile said they were aware of the issue.

Spokesman for the firm said: "We understand the issue is coming from land outside our development and we will intervene as best we can.

"We are in communication with the customer to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.”

Cheshire West and Chester Council has also been approached for comment.