SOME things cannot be explained so easily.

Try as we might to do so we sometimes lack the words to describe the feeling we are experiencing.

It can happen when we emerge at the crest of a hill or top of a valley.

A view can sometimes be so breathtaking that words simply fail to do it justice.

It is not just views either.

It can sometimes be an bond between a human and an animal, either domesticated or wild.

We have all been there. A long day at work ends when you are met at your door by your pet whose excitement to see you, as irrational as it is, cannot fail to make you feel better.

As many of us live in the country then this may not be exclusive to one’s home and pets.

In most villages farmland backs onto people’s gardens.

Here a most curious neighbourhood and community exists whereby people become accustomed to the sounds, sights and smells of the livestock as much as the farmer.

It has always been this way and hopefully this way of life is never completely lost despite the overwhelming need for new homes to be built across the country.

In the meantime we can appreciate the simplicity of rural living - a way of life which is becoming all the more sought after following the pains of lockdown and ongoing global health crisis.

We are a lucky lot and we should be proud of where we live and our rural culture.