The BBC have announced that BBC One will finally go live in HD in Shropshire this October. 

The broadcaster comfirmed on Twitter that the 12 regional and the three sub-regions versions of BBC One will be moving to HD by October 21 2021.

The BBC had committed to moving regions that are currently broadcast in SD quality only by the end of this year.

This is part of their long-term strategy to help reconnect with audiences beyond London.


BBC One Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are already served by dedicated HD simulcasts, but in England there is only a single HD feed of BBC One, which is forced to go on pause whenever regional programming is broadcast.

Which English regions will now be broadcast in HD?

  1. Cambridgeshire
  2. Channel Islands
  3. East
  4. East Midlands
  5. London
  6. North East and Cumbria
  7. North West
  8. Oxfordshire
  9. South
  10. South East
  11. South West
  12. West Midlands
  13. Yorks and Links
  14. Yorkshire