The 2022 Guinness World Records were announced today, and there is no shortage of weird and wonderful records being achieved.

From the woman who can skip using her hair, to the fastest dog and cat on a scooter, the variety of record breakers is huge. Environmental champions, pop culture icons and sporting heroes all feature in this year’s records.

Throughout the years north Shropshire has featured many a record breaker in the Guinness World Records, from normal achievement to those downright strange. We’ve put together a trip down memory lane for four unusual records broken in the area.

Oswestry: Motorcycle ramp jump

In 2000, motorcycle daredevil Jason Rennie jumped his Yamaha motorbike over a ramp - that was moving towards him.

The stunning deat of daredevilry was carried out at Rednal Airfield, and was in aid of Hope House Hospice. 

Not satisfied with that, Jason also picked up the record for the longest jump WITH A PASSENGER, leaping almost 30 metres with his girlfriend Sian riding pillion.

Pant: Largest collection of ear trumpets

The world of collecting is a varied one, that's for sure - but for Myk Briggs stamps and coins were never enough.

Instead, Myk amassed the world's largest collection of ear trumpets - and was rewarded for his endeavour in 2016 when his collection of 359 historic hearing aids was named the world's largest.

Oswestry: Most expensive duck

When Graham Hicks put his flock of geese, ducks and bantams up for sale at Park Hall in 2012, he could barely have expected to achieve a four-figure sum for any of his beloved birds.

But his friends had a whip-round, knowing how fond he had become of one particular bird, and amassed £1,500 for his muscovy drake.

Its name? Big Dave.

Ellesmere: World's largest feet (female)

Buying shoes for a wedding can be a special experience for almost all brides - but for Julie Felton from Ellesmere it was a little bit more of an undertaking.

She had to get special footwear made for her size 15 feet when she got married at Anfield in Liverpool in 2019.

Her right foot measures 32.9 cm (1 ft 0.95 in) while the left is 32.73 cm (1 ft 0.88 in).