A COMMITTEE member from Whitchurch Seniors Club has made an impassioned plea for someone to come forward and help run it.

Marge Huxley runs events from the club, in Pearl Yard, which caters for older people in Whitchurch, provided activities such as bingo and hot meals.

But she says the club has been informed that its current treasurer will be stepping down and added that the club is facing a worrying future if no-one comes to help.

"We re told by the current treasurer that they would be stepping down and that could lead to the club closing in December," she said.

"We're looking for someone to come forward – this club does a lot for older people in the town.

"It's not a money matter – we're not short of money as Whitchurch Rotary Club have helped us and they have told us they are happy to help us in the future.

"It's about asking people if they would step up and help us by joining the committee.

"We need someone with enthusiasm and knowledge to do the job.

"There are four members of the committee which will reduce to three when the current treasurer leaves.

"We need people to come and help us.

"We need to have a meeting in October and let members decide as a club what the future holds for us.

"Please help us – there's a chance the club can go under if no-one comes forward.

"We're happy to get in touch with anyone and speak."

Anyone wishing to help the committee can do so by ringing Marge on 01948 664443 or Pam on 01948 665530.