Whitchurch Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society is calling all 'wanna be cockneys' and 'pearly kings and queens' for their next stage show.

Next year the group will present the stage musical 'Me and My Girl', from March 2 to 5.

The group have already begun preparations for auditions and rehearsals and were pleased to see new members come along and get involved in the first meeting.

However, as this production is set to be their Covid comeback production, the group want to swell their numbers on stage.

They are calling on anyone who would like to get involved in community theatre to come along and become a member.

David Pearce publicity officer for WAODS, said: "Members can either be on stage or off stage, so you don't have to be in the lime light if you don't want to, however everyone in a production is as important as the next and we simply cannot produce a great show without the support of our back stage, front of house, production team members and cast.

"We are looking for anyone with an interest in musical theatre, acting, producing, event management or just someone who would like to be involved in a community activity, to come and join our next production on or off stage.

"This is the perfect opportunity to get involved in a community group that has been serving the people of Whitchurch for almost 100 years.

"We are a friendly and inclusive group of volunteers who are passionate about musical there and the arts,

"We are pleased to welcome new people to our WAODS Family."

If anyone is interested they can contact Rose Hall on 07763478228, email thewaods@gmail.com or for further information find them on facebook or visit their website www.waods.net