SEPTEMBER is here and the Herald Camera Club members have once again raised the bar with a stunning array of pictures.

Does anyone else feel like this year has whizzed by?

Of course time is relative but certainly it does not seem like yesterday when the summer was heralded with the easing of social distancing restrictions.

Since then many of us have played our part in ending the nightmare public health crisis by wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

These acts have allowed more people to feel at ease to venture outdoors and enjoy some of the wonders of the natural world on their doorstep.

For some it may have been after a wait of almost two years.

It is hard to truly comprehend the joy a simple walk around their village or town could provide the most vulnerable after so long spent confined to their own homes with little company other than the television.

The service of the camera club has been invaluable to such people, and many others besides, during the past 17 months.

The windows of the world and moments captured in time have reminded those unable to enjoy them first hand of the beauty and wonders which remain there and will be as beautiful as ever when the day comes when they can return once again.

Without doubt the waters and skies will seem all the bluer and the bird song will appear all the more joyful.