Historic human bones were found when a cemetery wall collapsed in heavy rain earlier this year, a councillor has confirmed.

In January the UK was battered by Storm Christoph, which caused substantial flooding and other damage to property.

One of the victims of the heavy rain was the retaining wall of the cemetery of St Oswald's Church in Malpas, of which a section collapsed into Church Street.

Councillor Rachel Williams was one of the first on the scene when the wall collapsed on January 20, and she has confirmed that human remains were discovered in the rubble, and that they are now being cared for ahead of their reburial.

She said: "Bones were exposed on site and action was taken to protect them until the site was safe for the bones to be removed.

"There wasn't any full skeletons or coffins.

"The bones have now been collected and they are being kept on site at St Oswald's church to be buried at a later date."

Since the collapse the road has remained closed while repairs are undertaken by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

As part of the repair work scans were completed to search for any other potential nearby burials.

Stage one of the repairs are now complete and the road will be reopened to traffic on Friday, August 27, using temporary traffic signals.

Meanwhile a spokesman for Cheshire West and Chester Council confirmed that some bones were discovered following the wall's collapse.

They said: "St Oswald’s Church is an ancient burial site, when the wall collapsed a small number of human remains were revealed that have been carefully kept on the site for reburial after the repairs to the wall have been completed.

"There were no coffins or full skeletons exposed.

"Showing respect for the area of the collapse, no excavations were carried out and all other remains have been left in place.

"All of the loose soil and debris has also been kept on site for review by archaeologists in the next stage of the project if required.

"All of the works taking place have been carried out sensitively."