Sixth form and GCSE students at Bishop Heber High School in Malpas have enjoyed stellar results once again this year, despite the challenges of the coronavirus

Over the last two years students at the Heber completed at 25 per cent of all their learning remotely during their critically important GCSE and A-Level courses.

Because of this and a new teacher-assessed grading system, both A-Level and GCSE results were revealed in the same week.

At A-Level, 36 sixth form students in 2021 achieved the highest A*-A grades.

Director of sixth form, Rebecca Abbotson, commended the "commitment" of the pupils.

She said: “These brilliant results reflect the hard work and commitment of our Year 11 students, and we are looking forward to welcoming most of Year 11 back to our successful sixth form, where we offer exciting learning opportunities for all young people."

At GCSE, Year 11 Students, staff and parents at are also celebrating their results, with 36 students achieving the top grades in at least eight subjects.

In addition, all Year 10 students were again entered for English Language GCSE a year early and individually and collectively achieved good results.

In total 33 per cent of all grades awarded were in the 9-7 range.

Head of Year 11, Paul Balmer added: "Much has been said about the difficulties faced this year by Year 11 students nationally, but the focus today is rightfully on the hard work Bishop Heber students have put in over the year, resulting in some excellent GCSE results.

"I wish them all the very best for the future and look forward to seeing many of them return to the sixth form.”

Meanwhile headteacher David Curry said he was proud of the work of all pupils over the last two years.

He said: “Considering what everyone’s had to overcome over the past two years, we are extremely proud that students from across the ability range have achieved great results which are a credit to them and demonstrate excellent progress which is a result of the culture of hard work, dedication and commitment that they have developed during their five or seven years at Heber.

"These qualities are also apparent in their response to the current situation and we would like to thank them for their maturity in the way that they have coped with these extraordinary set of circumstances.

"We are now very much looking forward to welcoming most of Year 11 back to our sixth form in September and wish our Year 13 students the very best for their future."