WEM's Jubilee Square looks set to receive a new, greener lease of life with the planting of a new tree.

The introduction of a new tree to Jubilee Square is to coincide with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and the Green Canopy initiative.

The aim of the Queen's Green Canopy is to create a network of individual trees, avenues, copses and whole woodlands to create a long-lasting legacy.

At Wem's July full council meeting, plans on how best to participate in the initiative were discussed.

Council clerk Penny O'Hagan suggested that the council install a tree in a planter in the Jubilee Square.

She said: "The town council can't apply for the Woodland Trust grant for trees, but we might be able to get them thorough the Climate Change Forum.

"It's going to be in two parts this, we want an individual tree planning initiative but to get hold of the trees we need a community group behind it.

"The other item it the commemorative Jubilee tree.

"Jubilee Square is called so for a reason, although the previous trees have failed so if we can find a planter and not put the tree in the soil we can put one in that location."

Prior to the meeting there were suggestions the tree could be planted at the Millennium Green, but Councillor Geoff Soul was more supportive of the idea of making the square the 'centrepiece' of Wem.

"I would support that; the Millennium Green is not frequented and is a green space already.

"I walk through the square and think how we can make this a centre piece of the town."

Councillors also discussed how best to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee itself, and suggested a public meeting is held later in the year.

Cllr Soul added: "The question is should something happen on Thursday evening to mark the event.

"It should be focused on one big event on the Saturday.

"And Sunday is when the big lunch is taking place but that might devolve into street party lunches.

"But we can't possibly take this on ourselves and I think a public meeting is a good idea."