A WEM man has been fined after pleading guilty to possession of heroin.

Paul Pawlowski, 35, and of Orchard Way, Wem, appeared in Telford Magistrates Court on Tuesday, July 27, charged with possession of a Class A drug, specifically heroin.

The court heard how on July 30, 2020, a police raid took place on Pawlowski's then address in Whitchurch.

A Kinder Egg containing 14 wraps of heroin was discovered behind the sink in Pawlowski's bathroom.

Pawlowski was interviewed by the police in March 2021, where he admitted the wraps were for personal use and had been bought in bulk to save money.

Representing Pawlowski, Sakheel Ahmed said the defendant had struggled with drug use for around 20 years, but there was no intent to supply.

"No dispute about the facts," said Mr Ahmed.

"The police were bound to execute a warrant as he is a known addict, he has been using drugs on and off for around 20 years.

"On this occasion can only assume police had inside information

"The police seized various paraphernalia, but there was nothing to suggest supply, it’s a simply possession for personal use.

"The values of the wraps the [police had seized was £70.

"In so far as the defendant's personal circumstances, he is a methadone prescription, he's trusted to collect on a weekly basis, he's had a marriage breakdown and currently resides with his father and is receipt of Universal Credit.

"He’s on a drug rehabilitation programme, the drug misuse has reduced a lot.

"On the drug rehabilitation programme it has been a bit up and down as he has not had any physical appointments and sometimes he has not had a phone so has missed appointments."

Chairman of the bench, Christine Holmes, issued a fine to Pawlowski, but warned against failing to pay to pay.

She said: "For the possession of a Class A drug we are fining you £180, reduced to £120 for an early guilty plea.

"It is still your responsibility to pay these fines, there is no guarantee it will be taken out of your benefits.

"Otherwise you will be brought back to court.

"I also order that the wraps are forfeited and destroyed."