THE region is enjoying, or enduring, a heat wave.

Depending on your point of view and tolerance, as well as access to a garden, the soaring temperatures are either wholly welcome or intolerable.

With foreign holidays out of the question for the majority of British people for the foreseeable future perhaps the heat will compensate those who feel they have missed out on their annual jaunt to warmer climbs.

However for the majority of us that do not holiday abroad the mercury pushing conditions of the past week has been slightly too much.

Can you imagine being one of the thousands of people across the country currently in self isolation and having to contend with these temperatures? Barred from leaving the house whether you enjoy the sun or otherwise.

It is important to remember that this will be the second lost summer for British people.

Who can even remember the last time we enjoyed a summer without the frustration of social distancing and misery of wearing a mask?

Perhaps with that in mind so many people have found solace and refuge in their own company.

After all if you are on your own and surrounded by nature it is the only time you need not worry about social distancing and masks.

Nature will continue to be our wordless companion for some time yet and we must all do our bit to ensure we leave it in the condition we found it and, if we can, improve upon it.