Children from a school in Wem have been praised for their design prowess after having their work judged by a professional picture framer.

St Peters Primary School, in Shrubbery Gardens, teamed up with the owner of Wrexham-based Eyton Framers, Phil Jones, to produce photo frames from off-cuts of picture framing wood.

Phil was approached in May by Dave Kennard, the design and technology subject lead at the school, and was asked if he would be prepared to donate off-cuts for the children to use for their summer term project, which had to include recycled wood.

He would then judge the frames the children had made when they finished.

Phil awarded first place to nine-year-old Seren Whitehouse, for her 'ingenious' shell-based design.

"I was very impressed with the standard and inventiveness of the frames, but the one which I have chosen is Seren's because it is ingenious," he said.

Phil also noted that the children had used many different joining methods to construct their frames from butt joints to mitre joints and the fact that they had even cut into the rebate to assemble the corners.

Seren and her family have been invited to Eyton Framers in the summer to see how he makes his frames.