A £288,000 fund to help towns get back on their feet may benefit Whitchurch in the coming months.

The town council will approach Shropshire Council to secure its share of the government's Welcome Back Fund, the dedicated fund to welcome communities back into town centres post lockdown.

The money could be used to hold temporary markets or ambassadors encouraging people out into the town.

At Whitchurch Town Council's full council meeting, held at the Civic Centre on Thursday, July 15, council clerk Luke Trevaskis recommended to councillors that they inquire about this funding.

He said: "It is for temporary projects so if you want to introduce temporary markets or temporary ambassadors to walk the streets encouraging people back into the town centre.

"It's a sum of money to entice people back into towns.

"I would recommend that we find out if any has been allocated to Whitchurch and if not find out why."

Councillor Andy Hall backed the idea, and spoke about a number of groups that might benefit from the fund.

"I think we should be putting some interest into this fund," he said.

"There are consultations with the Whitchurch Business Group and the Blackberry Fair for some time and I think there should be funds to help these groups.

"I certainly think the town council would benefit from having some support and we should be all over it."

Cllr Gregory Ebbs agreed with this, adding that it was 'the council's duty' to support the town.

"As councillors is our duty to promote the town," said Cllr Ebbs.

"In a time where the economy has been impacted by covid, it is more important now than ever that we introduce business back into the town, and if we can't do that we should improve conditions for the established businesses."

Returning councillor and former mayor Rob Hewson said pressure should be put on Shropshire Council to secure the funding.

He said: "What we need to do is put pressure on Shropshire Council to secure this fund for our town."

Councillors voted in favour of approaching Shropshire Council for funding.