YOU have had your say on Shropshire Council proposals to replace recycling boxes with a new optional wheelie bin.

The new could soon be offered to Shropshire residents – but they might have to pay for them.

Shropshire Council's cabinet will this week be asked to proceed with plans to bring in 240-litre bins for glass, metal and plastics, in a move the authority hopes will increase recycling rates.

The bins would replace the 55-litre black boxes, therefore more than doubling current capacity.

The cabinet will now discuss whether to borrow to fund the new bins, or pass the charge onto residents, at a charge of between £23 and £28 per bin.

You have had your say on the plans and while many of you are happy to receive a new bin, some are wary of the potential costs involved.

Gary Clark was in favour, but bemoaned the time taken to discuss the idea.

"About time," he said.

"My parents in the north west have four wheelie bins, general waste, garden, paper/card and glass/metal for at least eight years."

Anna Jones also held the view of following another council's lead.

She said: "Ideal, do away with the boxes as sometimes you can never fit enough in them.

"Shropshire need to keep up with Telford and Wrekin as their system is way better then ours."

Sally Ann Harris welcomed a new bin, if it was free.

"I'd welcome another bin for this as long as it didn't cost me," she said.

"Asked for a green bin when I moved in two years ago and been wanting to charge me £58 for one."

It is estimated that a roll-out of the scheme would be completed in around six months from an order being placed with the manufacturer.

Residents who choose to switch to a new bin will be encouraged to keep and re-purpose their black boxes.

Cabinet will discuss the report at a meeting next Wednesday, July 21.