WHITCHURCH Motor Club has revealed the the popular 'Anything Goes' car show will be returning this month, with Coronation Street actor Ian Bartholemew also taking part.

For this year the show will be taking place in Hampton Heath, having previously been held in Tushingham.

There was no show last year, but this year's event will be taking place in the evening of Friday, July 30.

The anything goes nature of the show invites anyone with any variety of vehicle to attend, and Coronation Street actor Ian Bartholemew will be providing added entertainment with his band Blue on Blue.

Martin Williams, from Whitchurch Motor Club, said the event was 'hastily' organised, but was glad to see it return.

"We're certainly excited, everyone's been asking me to get it going," said Martin.

"We've got a top band band playing, it's a blues band and obviously Ian is a lovely singer and his band will be playing for most of the night.

"Were doing the charity for Women's Aid which, I know Ian has some involvement with.

"The event is in Hampton Heath, near the Forts of India and we're combining it with some of Malpas Tractors as they haven't been able to hold an event for two years.

"It's been a rush to get it together, but I am excited."

The show is free to enter, with all donations going to Women's Aid.