MALPAS residents and businesses are being invited to get together this month for a village wide 'integration day'.

The event is being organised by Malpas Parish Council and will take place on Saturday, July 24 from 12pm until 5pm at Malpas Sports and Social Club.

Members of the public who attend will have the chance to talk to businesses from Malpas, along with sports clubs and other organisations.

Councillor Richard Charlton said he hoped for a 'colourful' day.

"[It is] an opportunity for all residents – new and old, to see what Malpas has to offer," he said.

"All local clubs and associations are invited to showcase what they do on the cricket outfield in front of the club pavilion.

"Local businesses who are interested in getting involved in some way please get in touch.

"To help break the ice and to support the intention of the day if you’re attending please consider wearing something affiliated to a club, association, profession or business.

"That could be a football shirt (or full-kit for the kids), cricket jumper, gardening jacket, work polo-shirt, jockey’s silk, endless possibilities.

"It should make it a colourful day and support interaction with other attendees."