Prees internet sensation Jackie Weaver has joined the ranks of the undead to promote the launch of a hit TV show on a popular streaming service.

Jackie, who famously shut down bickering members of Handforth Parish Council, has launched a frightful service for Brits battling video call fatigue – in which fed-up Zoom users can have a zombie step in when they are sick of being on video calls all day.

The humorous service is a promotion for TV show The Walking Dead, which is now being streamed by Disney+.

A team of make-up artists spent three hours transforming the 62-year-old using state-of-the-art prosthetics.

Jackie said: "It has been over a year of video conferencing, needless meetings about meetings, people talking over each other and sitting in front of a screen.

"As a keen zombie enthusiast, I definitely could have used it for one particular Handforth Parish Council Meeting.

"I love my new look."

Stand-in clerk Jackie – blasted for having 'no authority' by furious councillors in a clip since watched by millions –joined the ranks of the walking dead for the promotional video.

Jackie shot to fame for fending off angry councillors' criticisms in the viral video – since when she has launched her own podcast and even released a single.

In the tongue-in-cheek video to promote the programme – and the novelty service tying into it – Jackie is rudely interrupted by two zombies who are sick of their life of video calls.

Fans of The Walking Dead can apply for the chance to have the living dead 'sub in' for anyone who is feeling 'dead' tired of pesky conference calls.

To be in with a chance of having a member of the undead drop into your video conference calls, email and explain why in under 200 words.