THE county constituency of North Shropshire is set to shrink under plans proposed by Boundary Commission for England.

The Commission is currently undertaking an independent review of all constituency boundaries in England to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal.

The group has put forward its proposals for boundary changes, which would see the number of constituencies in England increase from 533 to 543.

While much of the border will remain as it is currently, the south-east portion of the constituency will become part of the Wrekin, which will see its name changed to Newport and Wellington.Whitchurch Herald: The current North Shropshire borderThe current North Shropshire border

This area includes towns directly to the south of Market Drayton, and directly east of Wem, including Stoke Heath, Hinstock, Hodnet and Cheswardine.

Whitchurch Herald: The planned North Shropshire borderThe planned North Shropshire border

The proposals, aimed at ensuring seats with broadly similar numbers of voters, will see England gain 10 additional seats overall, but the bulk of those will be in the South.

Separate reviews will propose the constituencies in Wales, which is due to lose eight seats, and Scotland, which will be down two.

Of the 533 existing English constituencies, fewer than 10 per cent will remain unchanged under the proposals.

By law, the commission is required to draw up seats with 69,724 to 77,062 electors – a condition which it said meant that widespread change was 'inevitable'.

Commission secretary Tim Bowden said: "Today's proposals mark the first time people get to see what the new map of parliamentary constituencies might look like.

"But they are just the commission's initial thoughts.

"We want to hear the views of the public to ensure that we get the new boundaries for parliamentary constituencies right."

The Boundary Commission is not due to make its final recommendations to Parliament until July 2023 and its proposals are the subject of an eight-week consultation.