MAY has arrived and what a peculiar month it will be in 2021.

Should virus rates continue to fall and the mass vaccination programme continue to be successful then this month could be the last we are forced to live under so many social restrictions.

In the meantime it is important we all play our part and continue to follow the rules.

Throughout the crisis the mood of the nation has been tempered by medical professionals and politicians who have sought to ensure all remember their part to play.

Another constant has been the great evaluation of our lives and what is truly important.

Our family, friends and loved ones have been missed during the past year and will never be taken for granted again.

Nor will our towns, villages and communities.

While nowhere is perfect the reaction of communities since the onset of the crisis has been heart-warming.

Selfless acts and coming together for the greater good have ensured nobody has truly been alone over the past year.

Of course you are never alone with nature.

A stroll from your home has become more looked forward to than ever before and the wonders and treasures you once walked past without a second glance have since become keystone parts of the day.

So as we head into summer we should all keep on enjoying these simple pleasures.