A CONSULTATION has been launched into the future location of a memorial for two Prees residents who were killed in 2010.

Currently the youth shelter in the grounds of Prees Cricket and Recreation Club houses a memorial for Tom Nixon and Adam Childs, who were sadly killed in 2010 at Tern Hill.

Prees Parish Council has launched the consultation as it is viewed that the youth shelter is no longer being used in the way it was intended.

A spokesman for Prees Parish Council, explained the situation.

"The present situation is that the shelter is used nowadays mainly by older youths/adults in the hours of darkness, their purpose for drinking alcohol," said the spokesman.

"It is believed that these users are not from Prees village; they often arrive by car.

"The use by these individuals leaves dangerous rubbish in the area, which forms a considerable health and safety hazard; broken glass and other waste.

"This situation is unsustainable."

The Parish Council is exploring various options for the future of the shelter and the memorial and wish to hear the views of local residents.

"The parish councillors wish to maintain the memorial to Adam and Tom, and wish to seek a place for this in the village," added the spokesman.

"At this time the Parish Council, who is responsible for the safety of this area believes the shelter needs to be made safer for all our residents and possibly removed.

"It is vitally important that the young people of the village who use the Recreation Club and participate in competitive events with visiting teams must have a safe environment.

"We are canvassing the views of the residents of Prees village and the rest of the parish, with regard to the continuing use of the youth shelter.

"In addition suggestions regarding the best location for the memorial.

"If you wish to give us your view please email by May 31 the clerk to Prees Parish Council ksieloffparishclerk@outlook.com"