A MAN has reported spotting a creature he described as “undoubtedly a big cat” in the Shropshire Hills.

Travelling through the Corvedale valley between Ludlow and Stanton Long at 2.15pm on Saturday, April 11, the witness spotted a black animal he says believes was a panther.

Jack, who asked for his full name not to be use, reported the sighting to Puma Watch North Wales, a group set up to investigate such encounters in North Wales.

The group has been getting an increasing number of reports from England, including some from Cheshire and Shropshire.

Rob told Puma Watch that was he saw was“undoubtedly a big cat on the Corvedale between Ludlow and Stanton Long".

He added that it was "casual strolling down an open country track as we drove past".

He said: "It was feline in its movement, had the signature “U” shaped tail and was approximately 6ft in length.

“Seen from less than 100 yards away and for five seconds with an uninterrupted view (as a car passenger).

“I reported this on the day to a big cat society group and have just found Puma Watch.”

The sighting comes as a creature was spotted three times within 24 hours in Chirk and Oswestry.

Tony Jones, of Puma Watch, said: "Though we’re focused on North Wales, we appreciate reports from across the UK and particularly neighbouring counties, which can be submitted via this form on our website.

"Last week, not too far from Shropshire, we shared reports of a big cat that was spotted three times in 24 hours, as it moved towards Oswestry from the Dee Valley.

"First, it was inadvertently caught on camera near Cefn Mawr. Less than two hours later, an animal matching the description was then spotted jumping over a fence in Chirk McDonald’s car park, only around one mile away.

"Another sighting of an animal matching the same description occurred a few miles down the A5 at Oswestry the next day."

Tony added: "Big cats such as pumas are solitary with a hunting range of dozens of miles. They’re mostly spotted in Snowdonia and the Clwydian hills but reports of sightings in urban locations some distance from these areas are becoming more frequent.