A WHITCHURCH cheese maker is ready for a brand new product to hit the shelves at Tesco on Monday.

Belton Farm, which is off the A41, is launching its Smoked Red Fox to its supermarket debut in 430 Tesco stores on Monday, May 3.

A spokesman said: "A new addition to Belton Farm’s flagship aged Red Leicester cheese brand, Smoked Red Fox adds a new dimension to the Fox family.

"Hand-selected Red Fox cheese is smoked for 10 hours using natural oak chips for an authentic, delicately smoky flavour.

"Red Fox, an aged Red Leicester recognised for its unique complexed blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a cunningly unexpected crunch, has been a staple of the cheeseboard for some time."


Kay Legge, technical manager speciality cheese at Tesco added: “We are proud to have worked with Belton Farm to bring this product to market for our customers.

"This naturally Smoked Red Fox brings a whole new dimension to an already iconic cheese which is a favourite amongst our customers.

"With a deep and complex flavour profile, subtle smokiness and the distinctive crunch that Red Fox offers, we’re delighted to launch the Smoked variant to our 'Grab & Go' fixture soon."