WEM'S Soulton Hall is once again set to open its Garden Theatre in anticipation of a classic Alan Ayckbourn play this month.

The Classic Theatre Company will bring Ayckbourn’s witty garden comedy Relatively Speaking to Soulton Hall with performances at 2pm and 6pm from Thursday, May 20 to Sunday, May 23.

Director, Robin Case said that given the mainly outdoor set-up of the famous play, it was a no-brainer to bring it to Soulton.

He added: “It’s a privilege to bring such a fine play to Soulton, where Tim Ashton built his open air theatre to help actors in lockdown or as they come out of it.

"We intend to provide great entertainment, and we hope that many of you will come and see it.

"Ayckbourn is at his finest: lightness of touch, lively dialogue, and a raft of misunderstandings or as Shakespeare would say, a 'very midsummer madness'.

"Three of the four scenes are set in a garden, so what better venue than the walled Garden Theatre at Soulton.

“But the first scene takes place in Ginny’s flat in London: why are there so many flowers, and whose slippers are under the bed?

“Meanwhile, at their house in the country Philip and Sheila are having breakfast, but why isn’t Sheila going to church today, and why does the postman come on Sundays?"


Classic Theatre Company is a small group of seasoned professionals from all over the country dedicated to high-quality performance of popular but well-respected drama.

The play is thoroughly suitable for all ages, so pack up a picnic and bring family or friends.

Tickets are £20, or buy 4 for £60 from http://www.soultonhall.co.uk/