If you’re not already a member, now is a great time to try Amazon Prime, hopefully with a free trial offer.

Once you’re signed up there’s a fantastic selection of new films to watch for free, including the BAFTA winning Sound of Metal (reviewed in these very pages two weeks ago) and a wonderful new comedy Palm Springs.

Viewers of popular US sitcom Brooklyn 99 will be familiar with comic actor Andy Samberg, hugely prolific in US TV comedies, he’s appeared in surprisingly few films of which Palm Springs is his best to date.

Taking the Groundhog Day premise of a day spent on perpetual repeat, Samberg’s Nyles attends the wedding of his flaky partner’s best friend, only to stumble into a mysterious cave that causes him to relive his day.

When a fellow guest accidentally wanders in it happens to her too, leaving the pair trying to make sense of their new world.

A film so indebted to such a classic runs the risk of being a pale retread, but Palm Springs is an absolute delight with a style all of its own.

Samberg is predictably great as a slacker finding love and the wonderful JK Simmons (also mentioned in these pages two weeks ago, is this column having a ‘Groundhog Day’?) pops up for a great supporting role.

Sweet and funny with an edge just sharp enough to avoid cloying, this is a film that deserves a place on your watch list now.

Anyone wanting more sedate entertainment should make their way to iPlayer for the brilliant drama, Colette, from 2019.

Keira Knightley leads this dramatised true life story of the titular French novelist.

Her boorish husband is played by Dominic West making for a classy cast to complement the wonderful reproduction of early 1900s Paris.

Until next week, au revoir.