NEARLY 200 kilograms of food has been donated after a special outdoor pilates session at Ellesmere Bowling Club recently.

The session, which saw 30 people taking part on the bowling green, was in aid of Oswestry & Borders Foodbank, and despite the cold weather as the sun went down, it was well-supported.

Carole Main, from Mainly Pilates, ran the sessions and she was delighted with how it went.

"The whole purpose was to raise food and awareness for the Oswestry & Borders foodbanks," she said.

"I’ve since been told that we raised a massive 181.5kg of food and a mountain of much-needed toilet roll, so a massive thank you to everyone who came

"I’d also like to thank Ellesmere Bowling Club, without who this would not have been possible

"I’m assured that if anyone want to visit and see the splendid 360 degree view, this is always possible and new members are always welcome.

"Everyone was advised to wear warm stretchy clothing with lots of layers to take off and put on as it got colder.

"Then, to warm us up, we did some Tabata times squats to use all the big muscles in the legs and glutes before we practised an assortment of balances, flexibility and mobility exercises and some more Tabata as it got a little colder

"Everyone can benefit no matter whether they are new to exercise, rehabilitating from injury or a top athlete as there is a basic level which can be modified to make it easier or progressed to make it harder – or indeed much harder.

"You don’t have to be bendy to do Pilates – it will improve your flexibility, and it was great that the sunset came out in time so we held a 'Tree Pose' to watch and time to just think and enjoy – it really was awesome."

Members at the bowling club also gave Carole a surprise by recording the session on a drone, which you can see at