LANDLORDS at Whitchurch pubs which will be reopening beer gardens to the public from next week have asked for patience from customers.

Mandy Warburton, from the Bulls Head in Watergate, says it has been a hectic week in getting things ready for the restart on April 12, which was confirmed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

She expects there to be teething problems, with some changes to guidelines from prior to the latest lockdown, but hopes customers will be patient.

She added: "It's going to be a stressful week to get it right, but it's bit-by-bit.

"We didn't think it was going to start until the end of May, start of June, but when they said April 12, then we have been working to get the garden ready in time.

"We haven't had any issues with the beer – it was more when we closed because we had to destroy the beer stock that we had in the cellar.

"But no issues with the stock, apart from real ales, which I don't think have been brewed.


"All we ask of our customers is to be patient with us and remember that there are guidelines in place that we have to follow.

"They're not too different from the last time though, but please do be patient."

Meanwhile, Ben Miller, from the White Bear in the High Street, says that while they are ready to reopen the beer garden, food will not be inmediately available.

He added: "We're pretty much all prepped and to ready to go as we've done lots of work on the garden.

"We're not doing food in the first instance but we'll reconsider after a few weeks – it's too big a risk to order all the stock.

"But we will have another look after a few weeks.

"I wasn't surprised they stuck to the April 12 opening because it's too late to not open now.

"I would echo Mandy in asking customers to be patient as it's going to be a slow reopening."