A HUGELY-ANTICIPATED outdoor adventure park, BeWILDerwood Cheshire finally opens on April 12.

The opening news has been well received with tickets for the opening week, and the rest of April selling out in only a matter of days.

Following the success of BeWILDerwood’s award-winning woodland set in the Norfolk broads, the decision to move to Cheshire – the near the north Shropshire border – and set up a second park have been in the works for some time.

Opening in Norfolk in 2007 the parks are based around the magical children’s book series written by author and creator Tom Blofeld.

The characters and adventures from the books come to life at BeWILDerwood and Tom believes Cheshire is the perfect new home for the ‘Boggle and Twiggle’ characters from the stories.

He said: “When thinking about opening a second park and after looking at a few options, I just knew Cheshire was the right choice.

"The woodland is the perfect setting! I hope our visitors love the wonky world of BeWILDerwood just as much as the Norfolk folk.”

The company’s ethos is to leave technology behind, get outdoors and use your imagination.

There are no noisy rides, no electronics, and no junk food.

There are also no hidden costs, so families can truly immerse themselves in the wonderful world of BeWILDerwood, with all activities and crafts included in the ticket price!

Find out more by visiting www.cheshire.bewilderwood.co.uk