A WHITCHURCH business owner is ensuring anyone needing a 'safe space' in town will have somewhere to turn.

Rebecca Sutton, who runs The Shire Barbershop in Brownlow Street, has formed a partnership with other businesses in the town and beyond to provide people with a refuge if they ever feel in danger.

Businesses that join Rebecca's project will display a poster in their window, personalised to their business, that shows the shop is a safe refuge for anyone who feels like they are in danger.

From there, the concerned party can then receive assistance in contacting the police or anything else they might need help with.

So far two business in Whitchurch have joined Rebecca – Dynamic Doors in Green End and Gallery Flowers in High Street.

Three businesses in Market Drayton have also joined up, in the form of Flores Diem, Handsome Barbers and Mr Turner's Barber Shop.

Rebecca says her project is a response to recent police reports of people being followed or attacked on the street, such as in St Martin's or Malpas.

"Having a young daughter myself, I feel like she needs to know she can run somewhere to feel safe," said Rebecca.

"We all know it takes time to call someone on the phone, to call the police and there may not be time to do that on the street.

"With recent events in Whitchurch and Malpas, not just women but men as well need to know the shops are willing to help them.

"People need to know that these shops are a safe environment."

Rebecca added: "When I was a kid we didn't have the internet so we didn't see the dangers.

"With the kids now they know there is a danger, but also they need to know there are safe spaces.

Rebecca adds that anyone wanting to get involved should contact her.

"If people want to get involved with the scheme they can call me," she added.

"They will receive a poster that is unique to each shop."

To get involved with the scheme, call Rebecca on 07568 054969.