MONEYPENNY is recruiting up to 100 new staff members as it expands the business.

Moneypenny, provider of outsourced communications for businesses of all shapes and sizes, is recruiting both full time and part time PA’s and Live Chat agents.

The positions will be based at the company's award-winning headquarters in Wrexham.

Moneypenny says the new recruits must have "an excellent can-do attitude and the passion to wow their clients by answering their phone calls and live chats brilliantly and efficiently as though they are based in their client’s offices".

They will receive full training, a competitive salary and work in "a fun and friendly working environment".

Moneypenny is consistently featured in The Sunday Times Best Companies to work for and has 850 employees in the UK and a further 250 in the US.

Since March 2020 they have already recruited more than 350 employees with the majority of these joining from declining economic sectors such as hospitality and travel due to their amazing customer services skills which are a vital ingredient for working at Moneypenny.

For the new agents being recruited a specially devised interview process is in place with the majority being done virtually. However, a small element of this process and part of the training will be office based.

Moneypenny Group CEO Joanna Swash comments: "We are looking forward to onboarding our new recruits and one of our key strengths at Moneypenny is our unique insight into clients needs coupled with the best people and technology offering.

"At Moneypenny we believe strongly in the future of the office and are excited about being able to provide new offices based positions and as well as a new hybrid working model to our local area.”

Moneypenny has recently opened new state of the art offices in Atlanta in the USA that mirror the award winning Wrexham headquarters.

For applications or enquiries email