WITH temperatures set to reach 20C this week, many will be making the most of the run up to Bank Holiday weekend across north Shropshire.

Tomorrow will be an exceptionally warm day; likely the hottest day of the year so far for many.

Temperatures on Tuesday will be pushing 20C by mid afternoon and although Wednesday will be a little cooler, the mercury is still estimated to reach around 18C by mid afternoon.

With this unseasonably warm weather predicted, where in the world will be looking towards the UK with envy.

Weather forecasting website weatheronline.co.uk has provided an insight into which typically warm climates will be cooler than north Shropshire this week.

Sicily – North Shropshire has a rich Roman history, but it would be foolish to compare it to the home of the Roman Empire itself.

For one week only, north Shropshire has something the island of Sicily does not have though – 20C temperatures.

Berlin – A former US president famously once said "ich bin ein Berliner".

This week though, one thing that is not 'ein Berliner' is the weather in north Shropshire, with the German capital being markedly cooler all week.

Athens – Every summer thousands of tourists flock to Greece in pursuit of sun, sand and sea.

Those from north Shropshire wanting to jump the summer rush and head there this week would be left sorely disappointed though, with merely sand and sea on offer.

That's because north Shropshire is noticeably warmer this week, with the temperatures in Athens reaching just 18C.

New York – For those wanting a taste of the Big Apple's weather, the only appropriate source of action is to watch 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'.

That is because this week the largest city in the USA will be more resembling 'The Day after Tomorrow' weather wise, compared to north Shropshire at least.