A MALPAS-based home fragrances business is doing its bit for charity by donating a percentage of sales from one of its products.

Cheshire Scents Co Ltd, has launched 'Kitty Kuddles', a Nenuco-based scented wax melt bar.

From every sale of this bar, £2 will be donated towards Cheshire-based animal charity Duster's Ark, to help support its vet bills.

Director of Cheshire Scents Co Ltd, Lisa Conroy, explained the decision to support the charity.

"Earlier this year we came across a local cat rescue centre called Duster’s Ark that desperately needs some help raising funds for a very large vets bill," she said.

"The charity is named after their beautiful boy Duster who was killed in 2016, the sanctuary has rescued animals of all shapes and sizes and hopes to make the world better for all our furry and feathered friends.

"To do this they aim to raise awareness, educate and give examples of how a little change to our thoughts and behaviours can make a huge difference.

"They currently fund everything they do themselves as well as working with other organisations to relieve the constant pressure of homeless animals.

"They are the only small charity in the north west that dedicates their cat rescue resources to feral/outdoor cats as many do not wish to deal with their more complex needs and ailments.

"The team dedicate themselves to taking cats who are in the poorest of conditions and nurturing them into loving and friendly kitties ready for the homes they so deserve.

"Some of these poor babies need a lot of vet treatment and regularly arrive with them riddled with worms and fleas and in sorry states of malnutrition."

Lisa says that as an animal-lover, supporting the charity was a natural decision.

"Personally for me I'm a massive animal lover with three cats myself – and three children if they count!" added Lisa.

"Having grown up with cats my whole life and taking in countless strays along the years, seeing the work that Dusters Ark do really touched me.

"I live locally to a girl called Kelly who works very closely with them and have followed the amazing work they do.

"As a company we support something each and every month, as locally as possible and we try to go for the underdog so to speak, the smaller organisations that don't have the budget to really spread the word about the differences they make."

For more information visit facebook.com/rescueanimalsrus or cheshirescentsco.com