NORTH Shropshire could escape the worst effects of rising sea levels, data from a new mapping tool suggests.

According to a study by Climate Central, much of the North Wales coast and Wirral could be flooded, if current pollution levels and global warming continue.

But using the interactive mapping tool by climate Central, north Shropshire will escape flooding from rising sea levels.

Sea levels by 2050

Sea levels by 2050

How rising sea levels could impact the North Wales and Wirral coast by 2050

A worst case scenario situation of artic ice sheets melting and raising sea levels by 15 metres could see the River Dee up to Bangor-on-Dee flooded, which could in turn impact north Shropshire.

Although north Shropshire will likely escape the effects of rising sea levels, large annual storms will continue to affect the region, with a record number of deaths and injuries caused by flooding and other water emergencies in Shropshire last year.

A worst case scenario of Arctic ice sheets melting

A 'worst case scenario' of Arctic ice sheets melting

A worst case scenario of a 15m rise in sea levels

Home Office data shows that in Shropshire, 22 deaths or injuries occurred in incidents where firefighters were called to flooding or other water emergencies in 2019-20.

This was the highest number since comparable records began in 2010-11, and up from eight in 2018-19.

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