A CANAL towpath in Whitchurch has been given a new lease of life thanks to the work of dozens of hard-working volunteers.

Beginning at Chemistry Bridge, the Whitchurch arm of the Llangollen Canal is a popular spot for walkers, but heavy rain has regularly turned the narrow section at the beginning of the towpath into a quagmire.

Whitchurch Herald:

But following two days of work starting on Saturday, March 20, the towpath has been completely drained and repaved by volunteers and donations from businesses.

Paul Millington, who helped organise the work, praised all those who helped with the repaving.


"Danny Humphries of DS Landscapes and Jack Peate of Shropshire Tool Hire provided the plant machines and guided the rest of us through the work, in two tough days," said Paul.

"Matt Spooner of Cheshire Demolitions and Creaton Construction donated all the fill stone 40 tonnes, and Huws Gray donated all the drainage equipment, attended on site by Jed Stokes.

Whitchurch Herald:

"Local companies give back, and we should all remember it.

"Thanks to everyone who supported us and there is no top or bottom of the list, everyone played their part, in what has been variously reported as being a friendly, rewarding, challenging and satisfying weekend.

"It would not have been done without David Smith and David Torrens from the Whitchurch Waterway Trust, but all the committee were very supportive.

"Any time contributed by our team was valuable, but many were there both days, real commitment.

Whitchurch Herald:

"We were indebted to Ken and Lyndsey Green for their permission to divert the footpath and hosting refreshments served by Sue Butler and Ian MacTavish, and provided by Sue, a hamper kindly donated by Tesco, Alison Arkell, and Emma Peacock.

"This was a significant project, which showed how communities can come together, but it hinged on the generosity of two local businessmen, who led the team to show, we can all make a difference."

Meanwhile Helen Brockman, secretary of the Whitchurch Waterway Trust, said the work was also allowed to go ahead thanks to a grant from Whitchurch Town Council and an anonymous donation.
"The Whitchurch Waterway Trust are grateful for a grant of £350 from Whitchurch Town Council and a donation of £200 from a donor who wished to remain anonymous towards the towpath improvement," she said.

Whitchurch Herald: