A LEADING campaigner raising awareness about a hidden form of domestic abuse has been honoured by the High Sheriff of Shropshire.

Michelle John founded PEGS a year ago, in order to support parents being abused by their own children, and she already has a network of hundreds of families who receive mentoring, training, and peer support.

She is now one of the leading voices in the UK on the issue, and has been called upon to help support the Home Office in implementing more effective national policies.

Michelle is one of the people who has been chosen to receive an award from Dean Harris, this year's High Sheriff of Shropshire, who personally thanked her during a virtual ceremony on Friday, March 12.

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Dean said: "Domestic abuse is one of my key causes for the year – and I wanted to ensure that incorporated all forms of abuse, including CPA.

"The work Michelle is doing is making a phenomenal difference to families in Shropshire and right across the UK, and the training she is leading will help thousands more.

"It's important that we highlight CPA as up to one in 10 families are thought to experience it.

"Michelle's passion and commitment to supporting people experiencing CPA, as well as educating professionals, makes her a very worthy recipient of one of my High Sheriff Awards."

Michelle also trains professionals including social services teams, police forces, and local authorities about the signs of Child to Parent Abuse (CPA) and how to effectively help families where it has been identified or is suspected.

She said she was thrilled to receive the award, and thankful for the support from Dean during her shrieval year.

"Dean has been incredibly supportive, and our thanks go to her for including CPA within the awareness-raising work she's been doing this year," added Michelle.

"Making a difference to families impacted by CPA is more than enough reward for the time and effort I have invested into PEGS, but to receive recognition like this is just fantastic."

If you are a parent seeking support, or a professional wanting to find out more about training, please email hello@pegsupport.com