IN THIS edition of Bygones we travel to April 1981, where it's all doom, but no gloom.

Early in 1981, the infamous 'Doomsday Clock' was moved to four minutes to midnight following an escalation in tensions across the globe. A campaign group in Llanfyllin were not pleased about this and made their feelings known.

Across the border in Whittington a rather different sort of doom was being examined by 'Mrs Hampson', in the form of the famous Doomsday book.

Moving on from this doom, we have three cheerful looking lads. The caption says 'George C'. Are these three people all called George C? If you know, let us know.

And finally we have what is indisputably Doug Roe bowling the first wood at the opening of Ellesmere Bowling Club,s new green.

Mr Roe had just retired after 30 years on the committee and was presented with a pen before the opening.