THE organisers of the Ellesmere Classic Car Show have admitted defeat for 2021 and cancelled for a second year running because of Covid-19.

The show is usually held each July but with Covid-19 restrictions in place for a post-June 21 easing of restrictions, organisers felt they could not organise a show in such short space of time.

A spokesman for organisers said that an expected increase in visitors to The Mere in Ellesmere once lockdown is over has also played a part in the decision to cancel for 2021.

"We regret that we have decided to cancel this year's show," said a spokesman.

"While it would be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our release from restrictions there are a number of factors in consideration.

"First of which is the safety of all who take part. We are also concerned that we are likely to be the first event to take place at the Mere and potentially one of the first large gatherings in a post-Covid world, if such a thing will ever exist.

"This makes us a bit of a test case which we would rather not have the honour of being, especially considering the potential vulnerability of participants, vaccinated or not and the likely swelling of visitor numbers this summer.

"The government has outlined its roadmap that gives a date of June 21 to lift all restrictions and that would allow the event to go ahead.

"However, it only takes a set-back of one month or even a few weeks to make the show unviable; we have had a lot to consider, our first thought was to postpone until September, but available date are restrictive with other events due to take place.

"It has been a difficult decision to balance the issues; can we create a show that is well attended? Can we create a show that is safe for everyone; exhibitors and public alike?

"The number of visitors to the Mere was up by 50 per cent last summer and we expect the numbers to be even higher this year, especially if the weather is fair.

"This causes potential congestion and difficulties in social distancing if the park itself is out of use for the public, being occupied by vehicles.

However, a spokesman did say that 2022 is already in their thoughts.

"The date is Sunday July 10, 2022 – put it in your diary," they said.

"What we do hope to do this summer, is a number of car runs, organised by the Ellesmere Classic Car Club, which can start or finish in the gardens and we will be providing more information on this later in the year and how to take part.

"Thank you all once again, it has been a very difficult decision but I'm sure next year's event will be the best yet.

"The weather is already booked, sunny with fair weather cloud, 26 degrees, so get your shorts ready."