MALPAS farmer and Conservative candidate, Barbara Hughes, has accused the Welsh Government of turning its back on her industry – after attempts to scrap expensive new rules on the use of slurry and fertiliser failed.

Commenting on the decision by Welsh Labour to vote against a motion to annul Wales-wide NVZ Regulations, Barbara Hughes described the move as a ‘disgrace’.

Barbara, who is the Conservative candidate for Clwyd South, in the upcoming Senedd elections, said: “Making the whole of wales a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone is like trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer.

"We need a targeted approach – introducing measures in the areas where they are most needed."

She added: “Yes of course, we need clean water courses, and an end to agricultural pollution, but the majority of Welsh farms do not produce slurry owing to beef and sheep production.”

Barbara, who farms on the Clwyd South border says, if elected at the upcoming Senedd election, she would make this issue a top priority.

The Welsh Government are set to bring in the restrictions from April – even though Environment Lesley Griffiths said previously she would not introduce new regulations until after the pandemic

Barbara added: “This will cost the farming industry millions of pounds – millions they can’t afford as they struggle with the effects of the pandemic.

“By pressing ahead with these measures, the Welsh Government has shown what a blatant disregard it has for the Welsh farmer.”