WHITCHURCH cheesemaker Belton Farm has launched a new addition to their flagship aged Red Leicester cheese brand, which bosses says adds a new dimension to the 'Fox' family.

Its Smoked Red Fox cheese comes from hand-selected Red Fox cheese, which is smoked for 10 hours using natural oak chips for an authentic, delicately smoky flavour.

Red Fox, an aged Red Leicester recognised for its unique complexed blend of sweet and savoury flavours with a cunningly unexpected crunch, has been a staple of the cheeseboard for some time.

Alison Taylor, marketing manager at Belton Farm said: “Red Fox has been hugely successful, we have seen the brand go from strength to strength.

"The new naturally Smoked Red Fox delivers a new dimension to an already iconic cheese, a great addition to our portfolio of award-winning Great British Cheese.”

Smoked Red Fox is available from the Belton Farm E-shop www.Beltonfarm/shop.co.uk and from independent retailers and farm shops.

Meanwhile, Belton's Red Fox returned to airwaves last week when its ‘There’s More to Cheese Than Cheddar’ advert was back on screen following the success of the 2020 TV advert and marketing campaign.

The 2021 TV campaign aired on Monday, February 22 on Channel 4 and will run for four weeks to build on the coverage gained in 2020, drive further consumer awareness of, and engagement with, the Red Fox brand.

The ‘There’s More to Cheese than Cheddar’ campaign encourages customers to look beyond the obvious and discover something new by experimenting with recipes and adding the flavour sensation of Red Fox to ignite their taste buds.