THE chairman of Whitchurch Patients Group has moved to assure patients in the town that the merger of Churchmere Medical Practice will not mean a trip to Ellesmere.

Peggy Mullock, who is also a Shropshire councillor, believes the letter sent out by the practice last week that records were being moved to Ellesmere as part of the merger between Churchmere and Dodington Surgery.

This is also on top of Churchmere announcing they are looking to recruit new administration staff for the merger.

Mrs Mullock says the decision to take the records to Ellesmere is to free up space for more treatment rooms in Whitchurch.

"Could I please help to stop the confusion for residents following the letters received from the NHS giving information on the merger of our doctors?" she said.

"Bridgewater Surgery [part of Churchmere] will be having some changes made to allow for more rooms for the extra staff to be able to accommodate more patients.

"Both the Claypit site and Bridgewater sites will still be taking Whitchurch patients so please don’t think you have to travel to Ellesmere.

"I realise that a lot of patients are concerned about this change but please if you have any concerns we are your Patients Group and we will be following the progress of the merger on your behalf and raising your queries with the relevant people."